Education and training

Specializing Master Program in NUCLEAR SAFEGUARDS

1 year Master program

Organised in the framework on the SaTE project, by Politecnico di Milano.

This Specializing Master Program on Nuclear Safeguards gives the opportunity to train and develop specific competencies in order to enhance the efficiency of employees actions in the field of nuclear safeguards and support the continuous development of a professional, competent and motivated workforce.

The nuclear safeguards system is a key element of the international regime of the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Over decades it has evolved into a multifaceted set of legal and technical measures aimed at verifying the compliance of States with their non-proliferation commitments in the nuclear sector.

Due to high demands on technical competence especially in the nuclear field, the ongoing availability of new information, the recruitment of new staff, the development of new reactor types, new safety mechanisms and new assessment methodologies, one can always find the necessity for general, in-depth and/or specialized training.


Full scholarships available for INSC Nationals

Enrollment is open, places are limited, application deadline: 15 June 2021

The Master brochure is available for download from our database, HERE