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The European Union supports the promotion of the effective nuclear safety and radiation protection culture, the safe management of spent nuclear fuels and radioactive wastes and the safeguards of nuclear materials, and the implementation of the highest related standards in third countries. This objective is achieved through the European Instrument for International Nuclear Safety Cooperation (INSC).

INSC includes a Training Tutoring initiative that involves transferring knowledge, EU expertise and best practices for countries needing technical assistance.

The initiative aims at assisting the National Nuclear Regulatory Authorities and Technical Support Organisations of non-EU countries in strengthening their capabilities in relation to their regulatory responsibilities and functions.

Through the INSC initiative and its projects the EU sets up international cooperation in the development and implementation of regulatory frameworks and strategies concerning the safe utilization of nuclear energy and raises awareness of transparency in nuclear-related decision-making.
To further facilitate networking, discussing common challenges and opportunities, providing guidance and creating opportunities for cooperation and partnerships on nuclear safety regulation at regional and global level, a dedicated platform will be established.


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