PhD E&P Year 2021

The 15th ENEN PhD Prize & Event took place in the framework of the NENE2021 Conference, on 7-8 September 2021

The 3 Winners of the ENEN PhD Event & Prize 2021 are:

> Carolina INTROINI, “Advanced Modelling and Stability Analysis for Nuclear Reactors”

> Daria KOLIESNIKOVA, “Automatic adaptive mesh refinement with controlled accuracy in a multiscale context for nonlinear solid”

> Luiz PEREIRA, “Oxygen bubble formation in a liquid glass during nuclear waste vitrification”

The three winners were selected from the finalists according to the evaluation of the Jury based on their presentations and the work delivered within the application and the conference.

The following Finalists were selected among all the received applications, to present their research works in the Event:

> Luana COGNINI, “Investigation of helium behaviour in oxide nuclear fuel”

> Laetitia MEDYK, “Microstructure characterisation of (U,Pu)O2-x fuel by Raman spectroscopy”

> Erwan DUPUIS,”Precise determination of isotope ratios in nuclear samples by CE-MC-ICP-MS”

> Aris VILLACORTA SKARBELI, “Uncertainty and optimization analysis of advanced nuclear fuel cycles with Generation IV reactors”

> Samy MOKHTARI, “Continuous wavelet transform, PDEs, multi-scale modeling and closure equations: application to fluid-structure”

> Gabriel SPARTACUS, “Nano-oxides and microstructural evolutions of oxide dispersion strengthened steels throughout their fabrication”

> Janez KOKALJ, “Premixed layer formation modelling in stratified melt-coolant configuration”

> Jonas VANDE PITTE, “Cobalt and silver nanocoatings for reactor dosimetry”

> Andrea ZAPPATORE, “Modelling Innovative High Temperature Superconductors for Nuclear Fusion Applications”

> Giuseppe Francesco NALLO, “Scrape-Off Layer plasma modelling for the EU DEMO fusion reactor with a liquid metal divertor”

This year event was highly remarkable because of the friendly and competitive spirit of the participants where the questions between the fellow finalists raised the interest and admiration for each others’ work.

With this activity, ENEN aims to promote the research work of PhD students. In order to set up a bridge between PhD students and professionals in the nuclear field. The ENEN PhD Events are co-sponsored by the European Nuclear Education Network Association (ENEN), the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC), and the organizer of the international conference.