ENETRAP II project


This project received funding from the EURATOM Research and Training programme 

3 years under grant agreement N° 232620.

The overall objective of this 7th Framework Programme project is to develop European high-quality “reference standards” and good practices for education and training in radiation protection (RP), specifically with respect to the radiation protection expert (RPE) and the radiation protection officer (RPO). These “standards” will reflect the needs of the RPE and the RPO in all sectors where ionising radiation is applied.

The introduction of a radiation protection training passport as a mean to facilitate efficient and transparent European mutual recognition is another ultimate deliverable of this project.

It is envisaged that the outcome of this project will be instrumental for the cooperation between regulators, training providers and customers (nuclear industry, research, non-nuclear industry, etc.) in reaching harmonization of the requirements for, and the education and training of RPEs and RPOs within Europe, and will stimulate building competence and career development in radiation protection to meet the demands of the future.

For further information, please visit the site of the current ENETRAP III project.

European Fission Training Scheme (EFTS)

Starting on 1 March 2009 for the period of three years

Coordinator:SCK-CEN    Dr. Michèle Coeck
Boeretang 200, BE-2400 Mol, BELGIUM

Tel + 32 14 33 21 80    Email  mcoeck@sckcen.be

Project summary 


Work Packages (linked to the official ENETRAP II Website)

WP1 Co-ordination of the project
WP2 Define requirements and methodology for recognition of RPEs
WP3 Define requirements for RPO competencies and establish guidance for appropriate RPO training
WP4  Establish the reference standard for RPE training
WP5  Development and apply mechanisms for the evaluation of training material, events and providers
WP6  Create a database of training events and training providers (including OJT) conforming to the agreed standard
WP7  Develop some course material examples (textbook, e-learning modules, …)
WP8  Organise pilot sessions, test proposed methodologies and monitor the training scheme effectiveness
WP9  Introduction of the training passport and mutual recognition system of RPEs
WP10  Collaboration for building new innovative generations of specialists in radiation protection

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