20th Birthday of ENEN

Event of the 20TH anniversary of the European Nuclear Education Network

ENEN Opening

Welcome speech by ENEN President, Ms. Csilla Pesznyak

EMSNE 2023 Award Ceremony

  • Matteo ERRIGO (MSc from Politecnico di Torino & Grenoble INP)
  • Matteo MONEGAGLIA (MSc from Politecnico di Torino)
  • Giuseppe SCARANTINO (MSc from Politecnico di Torino)
  • Magdalena SIGNORINI (MSc from UniRoma)

ENEN Nuclear Art Competition Award

(all artworks can be found here)

  • Pedro FONSECA, 16 years old, from PORTUGAL (tag: junior 14)
  • Achraf ALLAL, 18 years old, from MOROCCO (tag: senior 15)could not join us in Brussels

ENEN Personalities Award

  • Michèle COECK, ENEN Board Member and Director of SCK CEN Academy
  • Walter AMBROSINI, Past President of ENEN, Prof at University of Pisa
  • Leon CIZELJ, Past President of ENEN, President of ENS
  • Georges VAN GOETHEM, who witnessed the birth of ENEN during his years as Senior Officer at the European Commission

Memorandum of Understanding signature

  • between ENEN and MEENAS (signed by Csilla Pesznyak and Christoph Hoeschen)

“For a European Dynamic on nuclear skills”

Ms. Csilla Pesznyak (HU-ENEN President)
Ms. Rosalinde Van Der Vlies (EC)
Ms. Claudia López del Pra (ES representative)
Mr. Leon Cizelj (ENS)
Ms. Sama Bilbao y Leon (WNA)
Mr. Yves Desbazeille (nucleareurope)
Mr. Abderrahim Al Mazouzi (SNETP) – replaced by Ms. Elisabeth Guillaut (ORANO)
Mr. Francisco Suarez Ortiz (ES, YGN) & Ms. Andrea Kozlowski (PL, YGN)

Panel Discussions

Panel n°1 : Perspectives on national strategies/ initiatives on nuclear skills – moderated by Mr. Domenico Rossetti di Valdalbero


  • Mr. Guillaume Bouyt (FR)
  • Mr. Alberto Fernandez Fernandez (BE)
  • Mr. Javier Dies (ES)

Panel n°2 : State of the art in nuclear education and training, a European perspective – moderated by Ms. Csilla Pesznyak & Ms. Roberta Cirillo


  • Ms. Michèle Coeck (BE)
  • Ms.Roxana Mihaela Nistor Vlad (RO)
  • Mr. Lamri ADOUI (FR)
  • Mr. Francisco Javier Elorza (ES)

Panel n°3 : Maintaining and strengthening human resources development in the nuclear sector – moderated by Mr. Andrei Goicea & Mr. Francisco Suarez Ortiz


  • Ms. Frédérique Richard (FR-GIFEN)
  • Mr. Didier Degueldre (ETSON)
  • Ms. Ulla Engelmann (EC- JRC)
  • Mr. Radek Skoda (CZ)
  • Mr. Robert T. Beekveldt (NRG – NL)
  • Mr. Gabriel Pavel (BE)


video message from Mr. William D. Magwood, IV (OECD-NEA)


Closing remarks by ENEN President Ms. Csilla Pesznyak

ENEN would like to thank to European Commission (EC), Country representatives, World Nuclear Association (WNA), nucleareurope, The Sustainable Nuclear Energy Technology Platform (SNETP), European Nuclear Society (ENS) together with its Young Generation representatives (ENS-YG), The French Nuclear Industry Association (GIFEN), European Technical Safety Organisations Network (ETSON), EC-JRC (Joint Research Center), The Nuclear Research and Consultancy Group (NRG), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development / Nuclear Energy Agency (OECD-NEA) and to its Members, Partners, collaborators and sister organizations for being with us during this very important celebration of 20 years of existence.