IAEA - E&T Regional Networks


Renewal of the Cooperation Agreement between the Education and Training Regional Networks ANENT, LANENT, STAR-NET and ENEN signed during the ENEN General Assembly in Manchester in March 2017

from left to righ:

Prof. Leon Cizelj (ENEN)
Dr. Youngmi Nam (ANENT)
Prof. Helena Zhivitskaya (STAR-NET)
Prof. Augusto Aucyone (LANENT)

AFRA – High Level Steering Committee for HRD and NKM, AFRA-NEST have decided to join the other regional educational networks in signing the common Collaboration Agreement at the IAEA in April 2017

Cooperation Agreement signed between ENEN and the IAEA’s Regional networks to promote the mutual collaboration in 2013

from left to righ:

Prof. Edward H. K. Akaho (AFRA-NEST)
Prof. Hendriyanto Haditjahyono (ANENT)
Prof. Walter Ambrosini (ENEN)
Prof. Raul Barrachina (LANENT)

The Regional Networks established by the IAEA before 2013 are:

Practical Arrangements signed with the IAEA and the Regional network ANENT in 2009

from left to righ:

Prof. Joseph Safieh, President of ENEN
Dr. Yuri A. Sokolov, Deputy General Director of IAEA