DESCRIPTION of the Gre@t Pioneer Project

This project has received funding from the Euratom research and training programme 2019-2020 under grant agreement No 890675.

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The GRE@T-PIONEeR project aims at developing a specialized education in reactor physics and nuclear reactor safety. These courses are addressed to PhD and Post-Doc students, but also nuclear engineers, and can be taken as advanced courses for MSc students.
The education will encompass both theory and hands-on training exercises, the latter heavily relying on the use of research/training reactors and of computer-based modelling environments.

Sets of educational materials will be created, taking profit of the complementary expertise of the consortium partners. The covered topics will allow the students to fully comprehend all the methods and corresponding approximations used for modelling the behaviour of nuclear reactor cores, from the generation of nuclear cross-sections to the response of a reactor during a transient.

By following the courses and hands-on training sessions, the students will be able to perform nuclear reactor safety simulations understanding all the approximations on which such simulations rely. This knowledge is essential for educating highly skilled nuclear safety analysts.

Furthermore, the project will make use of an innovative pedagogical approach allowing

(a) to improve student learning,

(b) to maximize the time the students interact with the teachers, and

(c) to provide education to remote students.

For that purpose, a flipped classroom set-up offered in a hybrid environment allowing combining on-site and off-site attendees will be used.

The flipped classroom format, by utilizing pre-recorded lectures and electronic teaching resources available 24/7, will allow the students to learn at their own pace prior to dedicated sessions during which they will interact with the teachers, either on-site or remotely for the off-site attendees.

The synchronous sessions will heavily rely on active learning elements promoting high order thinking skills and will thus greatly improve the learning experience and outcomes for both the on-site and off-site audiences.


The main project website can be found at this link:

The COURSES provided via Great-Pioneer are made available via the LMS “SOUL”

Organization of the Work

WP1 – Mapping of the stakeholder needs versus course offering and teaching methods

WP2 – Development of a course package on nuclear data for energy and non-energy applications

WP3 – Development of a course package on neutron transport at the fuel cell and assembly levels

WP4 – Development of a course package on core modelling for core design

WP5 – Development of a course package on core modelling for transients

WP6 – Development of a course package on reactor transients, nuclear safety and uncertainty and sensitivity analysis

WP7 – Development of a course package on radiation protection in nuclear environment

WP8 – Promotion, dissemination and courses teaching

WP9 – Project management

WP10 – Ethics requirements


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