PhD E&P Year 2020

The 14th ENEN PhD Prize & Event took place ONLINE in the framework of the Prelude to NESTet 2021 Conference, on 16 November 2020

The 3 Winners of the ENEN PhD Event & Prize 2020 are:

> Marco TIBERGA, “A novel advanced multi-physics simulation tool for the analysis of the Molten Salt Fast Reactor”

> Bastien FAURE, “Modern neutronic calculation strategies for generation IV sodium-cooled nuclear cores”

> Tommaso BARANI, “Mechanistic modeling of fission gas behavior in conventional and advanced nuclear fuel”

This year, due to the exceptional circumstances we are living in, these 3 (three) awarded researchers are granted a prize of 1000 Euro which is awarded without any condition. The three winners were selected from the finalists according to the evaluation of the Jury based on their presentations and the work delivered within the application and the conference.

The following Finalists were selected among all the received applications, to present their research works in the Event:

> Amanda Maria CARREÑO SANCHEZ, “Integration methods for the time-dependent neutron diffusion equation and other approximations of the neutron transport equation”

> Mathieu DARNAJOU, “A Novel Approach to High-Speed Electrical Impedance Tomography with Frequency Division Multiplexing”

> Nancy WANNA,”Accurate, fast and safe characterization of spent nuclear fuel using isotope dilution HPICSF-ICP-MS”

> Yana DEKEMPENEER, “Targeted Alpha Therapy with single-domain antibody fragments, a novel cancer treatment”

> Chao YIN, “Investigation of mechanical properties after neutron irradiation of Tungsten and its alloys for fusion application”

> Lajos NAGY, “Neutron Multiplicity Counting Based on the Stochastic Analysis of Continuous Detector Signals”

> Jean-Michel SCHERER, “Development of in situ experiments to model and predict the behaviour of irradiated stainless steels: from the micron scale to the structure”

> Thomas MARCHAIS, “Optimization of gamma spectrometry measurements for uranium exploration”

> Vincent CROZET, “Study of pounding between buildings during earthquakes”

This year’s event was highly remarkable because of the friendly and competitive spirit of the participants where the questions between the participants raised the interest and admiration for each others’ work. A group screenshot was taken with all the attendants including members of the jury and support staff.

With this activity, ENEN aims to promote the research work of PhD students, in particular experimental works. In order to set up a bridge between PhD students and professionals in the nuclear field. The ENEN PhD Events are co-sponsored by the European Nuclear Education Network Association (ENEN), the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC), and the organizer of the international conference.