LANENT LatinAmerican Network

Latin American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology


The Latin American Network for Education in Nuclear Technology (LANENT) was established to contribute to preserving, promoting and sharing nuclear knowledge as well as fostering nuclear knowledge transfer in the Latin American region.

LANENT seeks to increase technical and scientific cooperation among its members in so far as to promote the benefits of nuclear technology and foster the progress and development of nuclear technology in areas such as education, health, the industry, the government, the environment, the mining industry, among others.

By means of LANENT, the participating institutions of this network, devoted to education and training of professionals and technicians in the Latin American region, may have access to major information on nuclear technology so as to make their human resources broaden their nuclear knowledge. Moreover, this network seeks to communicate the benefits of nuclear technology to the public with the aim of arousing interest in nuclear technology of the younger generations.


The LANENT network is being established in order to promote, manage and preserve nuclear knowledge and to help guarantee the permanent availability of qualified human resources in the nuclear field in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as to strengthen the quality of its human capacities for sustainable nuclear technology.
LANENT’s objective is to facilitate and improve cooperation in nuclear technology education, training and outreach in the Latin America and Caribbean region through:

  • Identifying the educational offerings available in the region;
  • Detecting gaps in nuclear education and training in the region;
  • Exchanging information, teaching materials and virtual tools for education, training and outreach in relation to nuclear technology, as a non-profit institution;
  • Developing educational materials;
  • Promoting exchanges of students and teachers;
  • Promoting mutual recognition of courses and credits among educational institutions;
  • Promoting collaboration among LANENT member organizations and other regional and global networks.


LANENT will strive to:

  • Integrate available resources for education, training and outreach by looking for ways to create synergy with the IAEA and other existing mechanisms;
  • Build public awareness of the benefits of nuclear technology and its applications;
  • Attract young talents to the nuclear industry, taking into account existing expertise with other professional career options;
  • Facilitate access to nuclear education and training;
  • Encourage professionals in the nuclear field to share their experience and knowledge with younger generations;
  • Foster the use of information and communication technologies for training and education;
  • Facilitate linkages and cooperation with other networks;
  • Involve industry and governmental and academic institutions.


LANENT is a network of institutions directly associated with nuclear technology education, training and outreach in the Latin America and Caribbean region. Affiliation is open to universities, national educational networks, research centres, governmental entities and other institutions in related areas of activity.
Other organizations and associations interested in nuclear technology education, training and outreach, both in the region and beyond, may contribute to LANENT as collaborating members.
The technical content covers education, training and outreach in the area of nuclear science and technology, in collaboration with other networks working in that area.


The specific activities are annually proposed and undertaken by different Working Groups made up of representatives of institutions which are LANENT members. Each Working Group has a Coordinator who, along with the participating members in each Group, defines the working methodology.

Establish the communication channels within the network, and coordinate the provision of information through different media. • Suggest and develop new communication activities. • Advise the Coordinating Committee and different working groups on matters related to communication and to the corporate image of LANENT.

Opportunities for cooperation
Identify opportunities for cooperation among institutions of LANENT member countries and organizations and agencies related to nuclear education in other regions, in order to foster improvements in teaching and training in the nuclear area in LANENT member countries.

Courses and careers
Keep the database of courses and careers up to date with information on academic institutions from LANENT member states, conduct statistics and comparisons with programmes (careers/master’s degrees/doctorates) from other regions (Europe, North America and Asia).

Website, database and educational portal
Operate, maintain and update the website. • Install, manage and maintain an educational portal. • Optimize, manage and maintain an integrated database with information provided by regional education and training networks and by the IAEA. • Provide to the network information on activities of interest, through the Internet and other means of ICT communication in coordination with the Communication Working Group. • Prepare different reports with statistics and/or indicators. • Contribute towards the preparation of documents on policies, procedures, guidelines, among others, for LANENT website and its educational portal, as well as for the integrated database.

Educational material and technological and pedagogical support
Provide information on and present possibilities and advantages of using pedagogical support when planning, instructional designing, producing learning tools, and/or implementing and evaluating actions on education and training in nuclear technology. • Increase the flow of information on education and training material in nuclear technology available in the region, both in a printed and an electronic form, considering intellectual property and copyright.