Associate Prof. Csilla Pesznyák

Dear Members, Friends and Supporters of the ENEN Association,

Rapid knowledge transfer, technological development and the flow of information have a serious impact on our lives, our scientific work and nuclear safety. All of these activities require a significant amount of energy. ENEN can support nuclear science to bring greener energy for Europe and all over the world.

Nuclear science has long been regarded as equivalent to nuclear engineering, but nowadays it has extended to nuclear medicine, radiobiology, radiochemistry, radioactive waste management, decommissioning, safeguards, agriculture, space research and other peaceful applications of radioactive materials and ionising radiation. Since the safe application of nuclear technology is essential, these different scientific fields are all connected by radiation protection.

The strategic goal of the ENEN Association is to preserve and maintain further developments in education, training, knowledge, skills, attitudes, competencies and safety cultures of personnel involved in the industry, academia, medicine and regulatory organizations in Europe and to help the training and tutoring of experts from non-EU countries worldwide.

The ENEN-basic activities are global networking and facilitating discussion between member institutions, coordinating EU-projects, supporting the mobility of students through the different grants and fellowships; furthermore, we organize the European MSc in Nuclear Engineering and the Annual ENEN PhD Event & Prize. The R&D is carried out by ENEN members, not ENEN itself.

The safe, competitive and sustainable use of nuclear technologies is based on the long-term commitment of all stakeholders to vigorously participate in the quest for new and the management of existing knowledge. The community of nuclear science professionals has an extremely huge impact on this work therefore it is an essential task to attract new talents and to bring up the young generation of experts.

Personally, I would like to highlight the importance of the Young Generation Network which provides the crucial opportunity to promote cooperation and information exchange between young scientists.

In order to support our work, we would like to invite you to actively participate in our projects, events and to follow our organization on social media.

Dr. Csilla Pesznyak

President of the European Nuclear Education Network

Executive Director

Dr. Gabriel Lazaro Pavel

Nuclear Engineer, PhD.
Executive Director of the European Nuclear Education Network AISBL (Belgium).

The European Nuclear Education Network contributes to the society in the preservation and further development of the scientific expertise in the nuclear fields through nuclear Education and Training.

European Nuclear Education Network, through its partners, are currently providing education and training expertise on: radiation protection, nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, nuclear waste management and geological disposal, industrial and agricultural applications, and finally safe nuclear decommisssioning.

At our core, the ENEN Association aims for the for the safest and most advanced Nuclear science, knowledge and technology in the benefit of humankind.

The ENEN fosters the availability of nuclear knowledge and skills for European engineers and scientists, and promotes the fundamental and applied research.

The ENEN network is the result of the co-operation between universities, research organizations, technical support organizations, regulatory bodies and the nuclear industry. Together we work to preserve and develop the nuclear human capital capacity in Europe.

My believe is that together we can support nuclear science in bringing a greener future for Europe and for the rest of the World. Nuclear science should play its key role in providing a cleaner environment and this can be achieved through common effort made by scientists, researchers, educators. European Nuclear Education Network’s members, in collaboration with the rest of the international community  will contribute to enable and foster our most gifted young people to participate in the solution of the worlds’ big challenges.

Gabriel Lazaro Pavel

Executive Director
European Nuclear Education Network


Since March 2020, the Board of Governors of ENEN is composed by the representatives of ENEN members who are elected by the General Assembly.
Board of Directors of the European Nuclear Education Network AISBL for 2022-2023 is:



Associate Prof. Csilla Pesznyák President Budapest Univ. of Technology and Economics, Hungary
Dr. Francisco Javier Elorza Tenreiro Vice President Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain
Prof. Filip Tuomisto Director University of Helsinki, Finland
Ms. Chantho Creze Director Westinghouse, France
Prof. Rosa Lo Frano Director CIRTEN, Italy
Prof. Radek Škoda Director University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic
Ms. Karen Daifuku Director I2EN, France
Dr. Teodora Retegan Vollmer Director Chalmers, Sweden
Dr. Michèle Coeck Director SCK CEN, Belgium
Prof. Martin Kropík Director Czech Technical University, Czech Republic
Dr. Katharina Lorenz Director Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal

Management of the European Nuclear Education Network AISBL:

  • Dr. Gabriel Lazaro Pavel – Executive Director
  • Ms. Roberta Cirillo – Director of Communications & Strategy
  • Ms. Kateryna Piliuhina – Project Manager