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Safeguards Training and Education

Description of SaTE Project

The main objective of SaTE project is to support the establishment of an effective set of actions in the Education and Training (E&T) sector related to the topic of “nuclear safeguards”. The aim is to widen the education and training approach in this field in the beneficiary countries.

The nuclear safeguards system is a key element of the international regime of the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. Over decades it has evolved into a multifaceted set of legal and technical measures aimed at verifying the compliance of States with their non-proliferation commitments in the nuclear sector.

Due to high demands on technical competence especially in the nuclear field, the ongoing availability of new information, the recruitment of new staff, the development of new reactor types, new safety mechanisms and new assessment methodologies, one can always find the  necessity for general, in depth and/or specialized training for the staff of National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs).

The system of international safeguards requires that the NRAs and nuclear facility operators in the countries, where safeguards are implemented, should satisfy specific requirements in respect to the accounting for and control of nuclear material. Each signatory member State should act in meeting the obligations stipulated in their safeguards agreements and additional protocols.


The objective of the project is to strengthen the capabilities of the beneficiary NRAs and their support organizations (Ministries and any other associated organizations in charge of safeguards). The project offers opportunities for training and education for the staff, or potential future staff, of these organizations involved in conducting inspections facilitating the fulfilment of the countries’ international safeguards obligations.

This can be achieved by

  • the development and implementation of a Nuclear Safeguards Master Program
  • implementation of short-term courses (condensed in 1 or 2 weeks)
  • active participation of tutees in hands-on training sessions

The project will focus on providing sustainable education and training program at the Master level or even a Master after Master, based on a multi-national level. This approach will allow for high-quality standards and consistent training content but also enables the trainees from the participating organizations to be more versatile and to develop a network of knowledge within EU member states.


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