15th Birthday of ENEN

Event of the 15TH anniversary of the European Nuclear Education Network


The role of education, training and knowledge management

  • The ENEN Association today and tomorrow (Download slides)
    Leon Cizelj, President of the Board of Governors, ENEN
  • Human Resources for Low Carbon Economy (presentation without slides)
    Vladimir Šucha, Director General, JRC
  • Fifteen years of successful cooperation between professionals and academia, as viewed by the European Nuclear Society (Download slides)
    Alastair Laird, President, European Nuclear Society
  • The ENEN Association – From FP5 to Horizon 2020 (presentation without slides)
    Joseph Safieh, past president, ENEN

Awards for Outstanding support in the launching and operation of ENEN Association

Session on the cooperation with nuclear stakeholders

  • The importance of education and training for the future of the nuclear industry (Download slides: 5-desbazeille-foratom)
    Yves Desbazeille, Director General, FORATOM
  • On the difficulty to address innovation in nuclear Fission (presentation without slides)
    Hamid Aït Abderrahim, Chairman of the Governing Board, SNETP
  • Training and skills management for creating value in nuclear industry (Download slides: 7-maschi-nugenia )
    Michel Maschi, President, NUGENIA
  • Education and training activities in the radiation protection area (Download slides: 8-coeck-euterp )
    Michèle Coeck, member of MELODI E&T Working Group and EUTERP Board
  • Skills and trends in operational Euratom safeguards – are we fit for the future? (presentation without slides)
    Stephan Lechner, Director Euratom Safeguards, DG Energy, European Commission

Launching the ENEN+ 1 MEUR Mobility Call

Session on the cooperation beyond EU

  • Innovation and education, a virtuous circle (Download slides: 10-iracane-nea )
    Daniel Iracane, Deputy Director General and Chief Nuclear Officer, OECD/NEA
  • Knowledge management and networking activities of IAEA (Download slides: 11-huang-iaea )
    Wei Huang, Director of the Division of Planning, Information and Knowledge Management, IAEA
  • Current status of Russian nuclear power development and cooperation with Europe: The issue of human resource development (Download slides: 13-artisiuk_01_03_18_brussel )
    Vladimir Artisyuk, Vice-Rector, Rosatom Technical Academy (RosatomTech)
  • Generation-IV International Forum education and training initiatives (Download slides: 12-mikityuk-gif-ettf )
    Konstatin Mikityuk, Co-Chair, Task Force on Education and Training, GEN IV International Forum