PhD E&P Year 2014

The 8th ENEN PhD Prize & Event took place in the framework of the 8th International Youth Congress IYNC2014, Burgos, Spain from 9 – 10 July 2014.

The 3 Winners of the ENEN PhD Event & Prize 2015 are:

  • Alexander BAKAEV, SCK-CEN, Belgium
  • Marta NERVO, CIRTEN, Italy
  • Zoltan PERKO TU Delft, Netherlands

The three winners were selected from the 12 finalists according to the evaluation of the Jury based on their presentations and the work delivered within the application and the conference.

The following Finalists were selected among all the received applications, to present their research works in the Event:

  • Manuele AUFIERO, CIRTEN, Italy
  • Alexander BAKAEV, SCK-CEN, Belgium
  • Zoltan HIEZL, Imp.College, UK
  • Sakari IHANTOLA, Aalto Univ. Finland
  • Marta NERVO, CIRTEN, Italy
  • Raquel OCHOA, UPM, Spain
  • Zoltan PERKO, TU Delft, Netherlands
  • Roberto PONCIROLI, CIRTEN, Italy
  • Wim UYTTENHOVE, SCK CEN, Belgium
  • Miriam VAZQUEZ, UPM, Spain
  • Tobias WRIGHT, Manchester Univ, UK
  • Ting ZHU, Paul Scherrer Institute, Switzerland

This year’s event was highly remarkable because of the friendly and competitive spirit of the participants where the questions between the participants raised the interest and admiration for each others’ work. A group screenshot was taken with all the attendants including members of the jury and support staff.

With this activity, ENEN aims to promote the research work of PhD students, in particular experimental works. In order to set up a bridge between PhD students and professionals in the nuclear field. The ENEN PhD Events are co-sponsored by the European Nuclear Education Network Association (ENEN), the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC), and the organizer of the international conference.