IAEA - INSEN Nuclear Security Education

International Nuclear Security Education Network


The network’s mission is to enhance global nuclear security by developing, sharing and promoting excellence in nuclear security education.


At an IAEA workshop held in March 2010, a group of experts from academia, international organizations and professional nuclear material management associations established, under the auspices of the IAEA Nuclear Security Programme, the International Nuclear Security Education Network (INSEN).


The Members of INSEN collaborate in the following areas/activities:

  • Development of peer-reviewed textbooks, computer based teaching tools and instructional material, including exercises and materials for laboratory work;
  • Faculty assignment and development in the different areas of nuclear security through mutual faculty exchanges and/or joint development and implementation of in-depth nuclear security training programmes or schools;
  • Joint research and development activities to share scientific knowledge and infrastructure;
  • Student exchange programmes to foster international cooperation and exchange of information;
  • Quality assurance: consistency with IAEA defined terminology set out in the IAEA Nuclear Security Glossary, the Fundamentals and the Recommendation documents;
  • Theses evaluation, coordination and improvement;
  • Performance of surveys on the effectiveness of nuclear security education among students and faculty.


The IAEA strives to offer a comprehensive training programme that is interactive and participatory to sustain human resource development in nuclear security. Most of the training events consist of a series of lectures given by experts in the relevant field and their schedules are designed to allow adequate time for participants to discuss and interact with each other. Many workshops feature demonstrations involving the use of radiation sources and radiation detection equipment, practical exercises in the classroom/laboratory or simulation exercises. Often individual presentations are delivered that offer new perspectives and practices, adding to the overall value of the learning experience.