PhD E&P Year 2023

The 17th ENEN PhD Prize & Event took place in the framework of the European Nuclear Young Generation Forum – ENYGF 2023, which was held on May 8-12 in Krakow, Poland.

The 3 Winners of the ENEN PhD Event & Prize 2023 are:

> Emilie BAUDAT, “Development of highly selective radiochemical methods for strontium-90 characterization in radioactive waste”

> Lisa LAMPUNIO, “Data-Driven Gaussian-Process-based Uncertainty Quantification Assessment of Inlet Velocity Profiles on Turbulent Thermal Mixing within T-junctions”

> Riccardo COCCI, “Statistical learning and inverse uncertainty quantification in nuclear thermal-hydraulic simulation: application to the condensation modelling at the safety injection”

The three winners were selected from the finalists according to the evaluation of the Jury based on their presentations and the work delivered within the application and at the conference.

The following Finalists were selected among all the received applications, to present their research works in the Event:

> Matthieu REYMOND, “Laser heating for the study of the behaviour of nuclear fuel under hypothetical accidental conditions”

> Antonio JIMÉNEZ-CARRASCOSA, “Systematic assessment of nuclear data libraries for Sodium-cooled Fast Reactors simulation”

> Pauline FOUQUET-METIVIER, “Study of melting temperatures of (U,Pu)O2 SFR fuels: influence of Pu and Am contents and oxygen stoichiometry”

> Giacomo GREGORI, “Electrochemical measurement of thermodynamic properties of corrosion products in lead-bismuth eutectic cooled nuclear reactors”

> Nadia Curie DEMPOWO, “Consideration of cationic interdiffusion for modelling the sintering of nuclear ceramics at the grain scale”

> Cédric SÉNAC, “Predicting Intergranular Ductile Fracture in Nuclear Materials”

> Cristiano CIURLUINI, “Desing and thermal hydraulic transient analysis of primary cooling systems for tokamak fusion reactors”

> Diego MORENO MARTINEZ, “Molecular Dynamics Study of the Separation of Uranium (VI) on Solid Support”

> Margot VANHEUKELOM, “Predicting radiocesium transfer from soil to crop in a global scale: the role of soil weathering stage”

This year event was highly remarkable because of the friendly and competitive spirit of the participants where the questions between the fellow finalists raised the interest and admiration for each others’ work.

With this activity, ENEN aims to promote the research work of PhD students. In order to set up a bridge between PhD students and professionals in the nuclear field. The ENEN PhD Events are co-sponsored by the European Nuclear Education Network Association (ENEN), the European Commission Joint Research Centre (JRC), and the organizer of the international conference.