2022 APAL – State-of-the-Art Workshop

Workshop organised in the framework of the APAL project (Advanced PTS Analysis for LTO)

In the framework of the APAL project (Advanced PTS Analysis for LTO*), the consortium is currently organizing the first workshop.  This will take place online and in person (Villigen, Switzerland – PSI auditorium) hosted by Paul Scherrer Institute on March 30 – 31st, 2022.

The Workshop is dedicated to the state of the art for weld residual stress (WRS), warm pre-stress (WPS), thermal-hydraulic (TH) analysis, probabilistic analysis and LTO improvements on pressurized thermal shock (PTS). You can obtain more information on the workshop website.

APAL’s final goal is to formulate a best-practice guidance for deterministic and probabilistic reactor pressure vessel (RPV) integrity assessment considering improved methodologies and also recommendations for the assessment of LTO improvements, in which advanced methods assessed in the project (both deterministic and probabilistic) are described.

Promo material to download, HERE

*LTO = Long Term Operation