UPDATED: CINCH Talks – for teachers

A "journey" in the Open Education and Open Educational Resources

Organised in the framework on the A-CINCH project, by Politecnico di Milano.

This series of “talks” are intended as in-depth looks in some of the topics approached in the MOOC: Essential radiochemistry for society.

The MOOC flyer is available for download HERE

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The 1st will be on January 18th (at 11.15 am Bruxelles time) and deal with what OER are. Invited speaker: Paola Corti (METID -POLIMI) who has gained remarkable experience in the field of Open Education and OER.

The 2nd will be a webinar by Teodora Retegan on January 31st (at 11.15 am Bruxelles time) to recap the main results of the gap analysis performed by CHALMERS in the 1st project year and so give us a clear view about the CINCH outputs***** NEW DATE February 15th *****

The 3rd will be  (at 11.15 am Bruxelles time) when Paola Corti will help us to analyse some of the CINCH outputs in order to release them as OER. ***** NEW DATE March 17th *****