Request for Quotation

Request for proposals for a Webpage development and maintenance service

The European Nuclear Education Network aisbl (ENEN) is launching a ‘Request for Proposals’ in order to establish a new webpage in the frame of the Project “Augmented cooperation in education and training In Nuclear and radioCHemistry (A-CINCH)”, that has received funding from the Euratom research and training programme 2014-2018 under grant agreement No. 945301, in which ENEN is involved.

Download the request for proposal in PDF format

In order to comply with the established need of a Project Webpage, this Bidding Process is established to welcome offering companies to send offers for the maintenance and development of the requested webpage according to the following


The purpose of the requested webpage is to inform the nuclear community and the public about the A-CINCH Project. This includes the following objectives:

  1. Inform about the content of the Project: main objectives, consortium members, main activities to be conducted.
  2. Inform about how it evolves throughout time via a news feed
  3. Allow promotion of developed activities and outputs of the projects: events (conferences, webinars, meetings, etc.), diffusion of deliverables (PDFs documents, links to other websites or platforms)
  4. Allow easy access to social networks via social media buttons to share the projects updates for every user and maximize the project visibility


Offering companies should send an offer including: the technical description (including timings for the realization of each step), an economic proposal and a set of references of their previous works. The price should include any updates of the platform used or any updates of the components of the webpage.

The Offers have to be sent to ENEN in the following way:

  • By email addressed to: secretariat@enen.eu (including “A-CINCH Webpage offer to ENEN” in the Subject) and CC to: roberta.cirillo@enen.eu
  • Deadline for the reception of proposals/offers: 24/11/2020.

After this deadline, ENEN will select the winning offer according to the ‘best value for money’ policy established in the Project. Should the offers not comply with the technical specifications outlined previously or propose a too high price (particularly if it is higher than the appointed internal budget), the tender process could initially resolve in no winner. In this case, further rounds of invitations could be considered.

Once an offer is selected, a contract will be drafted between the selected company and ENEN in order to start the services if required, or, alternatively, the offer could be formally accepted and signed by ENEN. ENEN reserves the right, in the latter case, to propose final modifications prior to signature.

To address questions related to this bidding procedure, you may contact Roberta Cirillo (roberta.cirillo@enen.eu).

PLEASE NOTE: this webpage will have to comply with the European Commission guidelines for Visual Identities, all necessary information and documentation can be found at this link: https://ec.europa.eu/info/resources-partners/european-commission-visual-identity_en#documents