Education and training

ROSATOM Webinar on Train-The-Trainers Courses: 29-October, 2020

Train-The-Trainers Courses to Support Nuclear Capacity Building for the Newcomer Countries

This showcase webinar has the following objectives:

  • Discuss the current trends in nuclear capacity building and the need for early development of a national sustainable education system to support nuclear new builds;
  • Present and explain the “Train-The-Trainers” approach and how it helps in building countries’ capacity in nuclear education;
  • Showcase the upcoming ROSATOM’s “Train-The-Trainers” courses through meeting with the hosts and virtually visiting the training facilities and the venue cities.

REGISTRATION is required, and can be done in the following link.

Below you can find further details on the involved speakers and agenda of the Webinar.


Webinar Agenda