ONPU was established in 1918. It is the largest technical University in the South of Ukraine. There are more than 20 000 students and post-graduate students at the University including near 400 students and post-graduate students studying nuclear engineering, nuclear technologies and nuclear physics.

Also ONPU provides training in such related  disciplines as thermal power engineering; water and fuel technology; electrical engineering equipment and technologies; electromechanical engineering; welding.

Double diploma programs:

– Erfurt University of Applied Science (Germany);

– Lublin University (Poland);

– Linnaeus University (Sweden);

– Vienna University of Applied Science (Austria);

–  Augsburg University of Applied Science (Germany)


Common supervising PhD programs:

– Düsseldorf  University of Applied Science (Germany);

– Vienna University of Applied Science (Austria);

– University Paris 6 (France)


New international courses:

1. Practical tasks of control of nuclear materials at NPPs

2. Modern  spectrometric and dosemetric detectors on the basis of CdZnTe.

3. Optimization of LWR fuel cycles taking into account  fuel service life

4. Multiperipheral models of hadron-hadron interactions

5. Reactor antineutrino physics

6. Physical fundamentals of traveling wave reactor

7. Astrophysical models of the Earth global climate

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Website:                 http://opu.ua/eng

Contact person:    Dr. Sergey Pelykh (1@pelykh.net)