IRUP was created in 1995 in order to develop “hands-on” training for technicians and managers. The first training path has been developed in the field of nuclear maintenance (1997). The philosophy was to train young people or “on the job” employees, with a strong commitment of companies and an innovative way to accompany the trainees through “academic tutoring”. Later, IRUP kept on developing training activities in other fields to answer the needs of companies. To achieve this aim, IRUP set up a team in charge of identifying the needs of the companies in terms of skills, and building the corresponding trainings and degrees. Moreover, companies are committed at each step of the training.


IRUP has developed original educational approaches to facilitate the skills development, the skills evaluation, the evolution of a person in the company.

These approaches are based on:

–  identifying the needs of industry and the job’s evolutions,

–  tutoring the students,

–  developing a progress project within the company,

–  developing excellence areas within the project managed by the student,

–  facilitating the transfer of technology from the higher education to the companies.


The results obtained during the hands-on training are as much important as the academic results to get graduated. The diplomas owned by IRUP are recognized by the French State, through a recording in the “Répertoire National des Certifications Professionnelles”.

Beside nuclear, the following training fields are developed in IRUP: accountancy and finance, social economy, human resources and management, entrepreneurship, informatics, industry and techniques.

IRUP is certified ISO 9001:2008 for its training activities.

IRUP has been involved in some European projects, in relation with distance learning, entrepreneurship, vocational training.

For example, IRUP worked with a European consortium about the vocational training and assessment tools for maintenance technicians. The tools were developed on the basis on IRUP’s expertise.

The strength cooperation between ISTP and IRUP makes possible the building of a complete nuclear training path in response to training needs of the nuclear field: a global nuclear training path from level 3 to 8 (EQF) has been developed.

This global offer is an easy solution for companies managing their skills and the evolution of their organization; and for persons aiming at professional evolution or mobility.

All pedagogical methods for vocational training, validation of acquired skills, tutoring are common; as well as building, administrative staff, and training facilities.

The nuclear training facility developed by ISTP and IRUP has a “CEFRI” certification (French Committee for Certification of Companies for Training and monitoring of personnel working under Ionizing Radiation) and the EDF authorization for “QSP” (Quality, Safety for service companies in the nuclear field).