A-CINCH Summer School in Nuclear and Radiochemistry

Nuclear and Radiochemistry Summer School for high school/college students through to bachelor students

Organised in the framework on the A-CINCH project, by University of Cyprus, National Nuclear Laboratories and University of Leeds

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Objectives of the Summer School

  • to get familiar with the basics and gain understanding of basic principles of Nuclear Chemistry and Radiochemistry
  • to get familiar with radioactivity and radionuclides and their application in medicine, industry and environmental protection
  • to be able to understand hazards associated with radiation and basic protection skills
  • to gain information on different issues associated with nuclear energy and radiation and future needs

The summer school is intended for:

This training course aims at delivering the basics of Nuclear Chemistry and Radiochemistry and Radionuclide/Radioactivity  Applications in a modern society.

Participants should have interests in Natural Sciences, Radiochemistry, Nuclear Medicine and a basic knowledge of radioactive decay and radionuclides.

This Summer School targets high school/college students through to bachelor students

Knowledge of English is required for0 all students.


University of Cyprus (New Campus)

Department of Chemistry

Leoforos Panepistimiou 1

2109 Nicosia (Aglantzia)


For detailed information, please visit the A-CINCH web page to download the application form ( Send the completed form to Ioannis Paschalidis (

No course fee will be charged to the participants and a budget exists to support travel and accommodation expenditure of the participants

Please consult the Travel Fund Handbook HERE

Apply for the COURSE HERE

There is no course fee but registration is mandatory, participants will be selected among applicants

Apply for the GRANT HERE

The grant is intended to cover travel and accommodation expenses (if any) of the selected applicants

The 2 application procedures are independent and must be carried out in parallel

Application deadline is 12 May, 2023.

Flyer available for download HERE