Education and training


Pitesti (Romania), 26-29 September 2023

Organised in the framework of the FREDMANS project

Venue: RATEN ICN, Pitesti (Romania)

FREDMANS project aims to increase safety and efficiency in both nuclear power production and the recycling of spent fuel.

The research-development activities it addresses are complemented by an education and training programme in the field of nuclear fuels.

Young scientists with relevant theoretical and, above all, practical knowledge will be trained in the E&T programme answering the needs for skills and abilities in the field of nuclear fuels, combining theoretical courses with hands-on training sessions, thus ensuring the transfer of valuable experience gained by the specialists with outstanding competencies in this field.


The first training session dedicates its courses/lectures and hands-on training to:

  • Fuel characteristics and performances requested for an LFR reactor
  • Basics of nuclear fuel fabrication and characterisation

Expected audience:

This course is mainly addressed to:  StudentsMaster students, PhD students, young researchers.


Day 1: Training on fuel charcateristics and performances requested for an LFR reactor

Day 2: Seminar on nuclear fuel fabrication

Day 3: Seminar on nuclear fuel characterisation

Day 4: Hands on training on fuel fabrication and characterisation

Day 5: Knowledge verification

Scientific visits:

Fuel Fabrication Plant (FCN)

Experimental fuel manufacturing laboratory (RATEN ICN)

Post-irradiation examination laboratory (RATEN ICN)

GRANTS AVAILABLE for a limited amount of participants.

Please get familiar with the eligibility criteria HERE

There is no course fee but registration is mandatory, participants will be selected among applicants

Apply for the GRANT HERE

The grant is intended to cover travel and accommodation expenses (if any) of the selected applicants

Deadline to apply is 15 May 2023  EXTENDED 31 May 2023