The University of Manchester’s Dalton Nuclear Institute plays role at the forefront of research and development in the nuclear industry where there is growing demand for innovation and technology transfer to support decommissioning and radioactive waste disposal. The university research groups at Manchester represented by the Dalton Nuclear Institute include:

• Radiochemistry
• Materials Performance
• Radiation Science
• Engineering Decommissioning
• Nuclear Physics
• Science & Sustainability
• Nuclear Medicine
• Reactor Technology

The Dalton Nuclear Institute coordinates the UK university consortium NTEC which delivers Masters-level education in Nuclear Science & Technology. The Dalton Nuclear Institute also leads the new Nuclear Engineering Doctorate Scheme in Partnership with Imperial College London, supported by four other universities. The Eng.D. programme covers research themes in: Reactor Technology, Waste Management, Decommissioning, Materials, Socio-economic Aspects, and Safety Systems.

Links to the University’s research groups for postgraduate opportunities are found on the Dalton Nuclear Institute’s webpage.


Master degree in 2007-2008

NTEC Master of Science in Nuclear Science & Technology, UK
A new concept in postgraduate-level training for the nuclear sector has been developed by a strong consortium of UK universities and HE institutions. The breadth and format of the training is designed to meet the UK’s projected nuclear skills requirements in decommissioning and clean reactor technology, fusion and nuclear medicine.
The consortium is the Nuclear Technology Education Consortium (NTEC) and comprises the Universities of Birmingham, Lancaster, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester and Sheffield, City University, London, HMS Sultan, Imperial College London, UHI Millennium Institute & Westlakes Research Institute. Together these institutions represent more than 90% of the nuclear postgraduate teaching expertise residing in the UK’s universities and research institutes. NTEC thus provides one-stop shop for a range of postgraduate training in Nuclear Science & Technology which is unparalleled in the UK.


Time schedule in 2007 M.Sc by Research in Nuclear and Radiation Physics:


M.Sc. projects placements in University of Manchester research groups:



Ph.D opportunities in University of Manchester research groups:     www.dalton.manchester.ac.uk/postgraduate