As a part of the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission), the National Institute for Nuclear Science and Technology (INSTN) is a higher education institution under the joint supervision of the Ministries in charge of Education and Industry.
It has been created in 1956, when France decided to launch a nuclear programme, for providing engineers and researchers with high scientific and technological qualifications in all disciplines related to nuclear energy applications.
The INSTN’s mission is to disseminate the CEA’s knowledge and know-how around the world.
The INSTN headquaters are located at the Saclay CEA Centre (20 km South of Paris). Four branches are set up in the CEA’s centres at Grenoble, Cadarache and Valrhô-Marcoule, and on the campus of Cherbourg-Octeville.

Website: http://www-instn.cea.fr/rubrique-uk.php3?id_rubrique=23

Master Degrees in Nuclear Engineering:

Master in Nuclear Engineering – M2   (Second year of Master program in English)

> Leaflet This Master program started from September 2008.

Basic information 

Course Curricula  

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Genie Atomique (One-yaer Master program in French)


CEA theses are arranged and ordered by research domain:
– Corpuscular Physics and outer Space,
– Solid state Physics,
– Chemistry and Nanosciences,
– Theoretical Physics,
– Engineering Sciences,
– Earth and Environmental Sciences,

and CEA operational division:
– Military Applications,
– Nuclear Energy,
– Technological Research,
– Physical Sciences,
– Life Sciences.
– Life Sciences,
– Miscellaneous,