ENEN will soon turn 20 years old

Dear Members, Partners, Beneficiaries and Friends,

This year ENEN will celebrate 20 years of its activities on 22 September 2023 !!!

For this celebration, we decided to develop a high-level Education and Training event which should bring together

  • Country Representatives,
  • European Commission Representatives,
  • Education and Training institutions Representatives
  • and civil society representatives.

In close collaboration with our partner institutions, European Commission, European Nuclear Society, SNETP, nucleareurope and OECD-NEA we are looking forward to launching a debate that would give the perspectives of Nuclear in Europe and how the Human Resource can cope with the foreseen demand.

We will explore the National strategies presented by country representatives, we will explore the private sector approaches and we will also explore the response that education and training institutions can give to this future in terms of human resources need.

The European Nuclear Education Network – ENEN is an organization which has been established in France, in 2003 by the efforts of European Commission with the main purpose of preservation and the further development of expertise in the nuclear fields by higher education and training in Europe.

ENEN’s objective is realized through the cooperation between universities, research organisations, regulatory bodies, the industry, and any other organisations involved in applying nuclear science and ionising radiation.

Today, ENEN is the most relevant Education and Training organization at European level with connections with sister networks all over the globe. ENEN brings together more than 90 (ninety) institutions and organizations mainly from Europe but not only.

To mark this day and to maximize the impact of our actions, we coupled a few more events with our Birthday!

On 21 September (the day before) we will have

Please note that the attendance for ALL EVENTS in based on invitation and registration!