Education and training

Hands on Training on the Synthesis and Analytical Control of Radiopharmaceuticals

Lisbon, 17-21 July 2023

Organised in the framework on the A-CINCH project, by the Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade de Lisboa.

It takes place on 17-21 July 2023.

The aim of this course is to present a general overview of the most relevant aspects involved in the design, synthesis, characterization and preclinical evaluation of radioactive compounds with potential interest as radiopharmaceuticals, namely in a theranostic context.

At the same time, the participants will obtain practical skills on the manipulation of medical radionuclides, synthesis and in vitro evaluation of radiopharmaceuticals and their evaluation in different cellular and animal models.

The course will comprise a theoretical part and a practical hands-on training that will run in laboratories licensed for the manipulation of medical radionuclides and for studies with human cell lines and animal models.

For more information and registration to the course please visit the CINCH VET e-shop.

The deadline for applications is April 30, 2023.

No course fee will be charged to the participants but the registration is obligatory.

The application should be sent by e-mail to, and must include a brief motivation letter  (max. 200 words) and a short academic CV.
Due to the hands-on nature of the HoT course, a maximum number of 9 participants will be considered. After the registration period, the local organizers will select the participants that will be informed of their acceptance or non-acceptance to participate in the HoT by the end of the 1 st week of May 2023.