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ARIEL fourth call for proposals

The ARIEL project is a coordination and support action funded by the EURATOM  2014-2018 in the Horizon 2020 framework.

ARIEL  unites the most modern and state-of-the-art European neutron beam laboratories using the full range of neutron sources from high-energy proton synchrotrons to research reactors.

Integration of access to neutron beam facilities with education and training

For the continued improvement of the safety of current and future nuclear facilities, accurate and precise nuclear data are required e.g. embedded in computer simulations.  Producing these nuclear data is a complex process, which relies on neutron facilities and on highly-trained nuclear physicists.

The ARIEL project aims at providing 3000 hours of beam time as transnational access to European groups at the consortium facilities including technical and travel support for the user groups (~ 30 experiments).  The education and training of early-stage researchers will be provided by 30 short term visits (~ 8-12 weeks each).

Proposals for experiments and education and training visits are invited.

Application details can be found on the ARIEL website.

ARIEL Project Leaflet available for download, HERE