Education and training

ENEN signs MoU with NEDHO

On June 16, 2021 ENEN signed a Memorandum of Understanding with NEDHO.

The Nuclear Engineering Department Heads Organization (NEDHO) is a loosely formed alliance of heads (chairs) of nuclear engineering schools, departments, and programs in North America. NEDHO was formed to provide a forum for discussion, coordination, and collaboration on issues facing academic programs emphasizing nuclear and radiological science, engineering and technology.

Issues considered by NEDHO include accreditation of academic programs, funding for scholarships, fellowships, and research; funding for training and research reactors, and any other issues raised by academic representatives to NEDHO.

NEDHO has an excellent collaboration with the American Nuclear Society, the Nuclear Energy Institute, and other similar societies and organization. NEDHO works very hard to educate national decision makers on topics regarding nuclear policy, science and technology, and engineering education.

NEDHO and ENEN by signing this MoU enhance their bilateral cooperation in the field of education and training in nuclear science and technology.