Repost – ENEN Nuclear Summer School

2nd edition of ENEN nuclear summer school for BSc students

  • Are you a student currently studying for a BSc or a MSc?
  • Are you currently enrolled in a European University?
  • Do you have an interest in the nuclear field?

If your answer to all the above questions is YES, then you are eligible for the ENEN Summer School.

The selected participants will be introduced to the multi-disciplinary present and future challenges of 4 core topics:

  1. nuclear energy
  2. medical applications
  3. nuclear waste management
  4. radiation protection

The total number of participants is limited. To promote and emphasize the multi-disciplinary nature of the Summer School, the Organizing Committee will take into account the field of interest of the candidates and participation from all covered disciplines will be encouraged.

You can find the poster HERE

Check out THIS WEBSITE for more information & registration