IAEA TM – on the Development and Application of Open-Source Modelling and Simulation Tools for Nuclear Reactors

CALL FOR ABSTRACTS open until 7 June 2021

WHEN: 27-29 October 2021

WHERE: Vienna, Austria

The purpose of the event is to promote and facilitate the exchange of information regarding open-source software, open-access data, and ongoing collaborations in support of research and development, as well as education and training, in nuclear science and technology.

The main objectives of the event are to:

  • Promote and facilitate the exchange of information within the scope of the event and its related topics;
  • Present and discuss the current status of research and development in the field of open-source nuclear codes for Nuclear Science and Technology;
  • Discuss the available open-source tools and their state of development;
  • Discuss the value and drawbacks of the open-source model for nuclear software development;
  • Provide forum for sharing user and developer experiences and for discussing the technical challenges related to open-source tools, including: their development, maintenance, distribution, need for open-access data, interaction with proprietary codes, export control, etc.;
  • Discuss open-source code project best practices, including: guidelines for initial publication, quality assurance, developer/user interactions, means of interoperability with other codes and projects, etc.;
  • Discuss the opportunities provided by the use of open-source codes for education and training;
  • Discuss and identify R&D needs and gaps to assess the future requirements in the field, which should eventually lead to efforts being concentrated in key areas;
  • Provide recommendations to the IAEA for future joint efforts and coordinated research activities (if required) in the field; and
  • Prepare a reference document summarizing the work presented by the participants, including the findings of the study in the standard IAEA publications format.

The event will include discussion sessions to enable participants to contribute to the summary and highlights of the event.