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2021 International School in Nuclear Engineering organized by INSTN

About the 2021 Edition (from January 11 to February 5, 2021)

Organizer: INSTN, the French school for energy and health technology is organizing the International School in Nuclear Engineering, promoting knowledge in the field of nuclear sciences at a high education level.

School Structure: The 2021 edition will offer 6 one-week advanced courses in nuclear engineering to be held in France (Cadarache, Marcoule, or Saclay), in January and February 2021.

Target Audience: The courses are designed for young researchers, PhD students, post-doctorates and engineers, already having a Master of Science in nuclear engineering as a background. 3 ECTS will be awarded for each successfully completed course (one week).

Program of Courses

The 6 one-week courses of the 2021 School are the following:

  • Reactor Core Physics: Deterministic and Monte Carlo Methods (Cadarache)
  • Thermal Hydraulics and Safety (Saclay)
  • Materials for Nuclear Reactors, Fuels and Structures (Saclay)
  • Nuclear Fuels for Light Water Reactors and Fast Reactors (Cadarache)
  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle: from Strategy to Processes (Marcoule)
  • Nuclear Waste Management (Marcoule)

Curious to know more on the breakdown of topics covered in each one? Check out the flyer in the section below.

Further Information

Registration deadlines:

Saclay: December 23rd, 2020
Cadarache: January 4th, 2021
Marcoule: January 11th, 2021

COURSE FLYER:  for further information on the registration, fees, lecturers and detailed content of the courses, please see the 2021 School flyer: 2021_ISNE_School_leaflet

Contacts: Claude Renault (Technical Advisor; and Nadia Nowacki (General coordination and information;, 

Note that for members of ENEN a special rate is applicable!