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Young Researcher/PhD position open at Jožef Stefan Institute (starting 1st October 2020, duration 4 years)

The Reactor Physics Department of the Jožef Stefan Institute (JSI) is offering a young researcher position for the field of fusion and fission energy research.

The position includes work on a PhD thesis in the field of the development of computational methods & measurements and their application at research facilities, e.g. JET tokamak (UK) and JSI TRIGA research reactor (Ljubljana, Slovenia). Based on the candidate’s background and interest the topic can be more theoretical or experimental.

JSI is looking for outstanding students in physics, engineering, computer science or mathematics and offer a possibility of longer-term collaboration and employment.

The candidates can expect a vibrant work environment in a group of internationally connected researchers, access to state of the art experiments and computer resources as well as excellent opportunities for career development. The candidates are expected to be highly motivated for research, with sufficient background in physics, mathematics and computer science.

For more information please contact prof. Luka Snoj at: