University Politehnica Bucharest (UPB) is the only higher education institution in Romania that provides education in the Nuclear Power Engineering field. The Faculty of Power Engineering of University Politehnica Bucharest has a tradition of over 50 years in power engineering education, from which more than 30 years in higher education for Nuclear Power Engineering. Every year the Power Engineering Faculty yields more than 250 graduated students from which over 40 are Nuclear Power Engineers. The last years brought an accelerated updating of nuclear high education according to similar activities in EU countries: transferable credit system, the option of a major and a minor, curricular re-shaping according to Bologna, master studies, post-graduated studies, training for nuclear specialists and open courses. The co-operation with European countries in several TEMPUS programs helped to develop a modern Radiation Protection Laboratory and to establish master studies in Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection. The Department has 3 full professors, 3 associate professors, 5 assistant-professors.

The Nuclear Energy Department is involved in different projects in the framework of Romanian Excellency Research Program.

Due to the participation in ENEN project and related activities, first EMSNE Diploma Supplement obtained by a Romanian student in December 2005 shows the acceptance of nuclear higher education delivered by UPB.


Contact:  Prof. Petre Ghitescu

Courses and Seminars 2007-2008

– Course on “Experimental and Numerical Methods in Nuclear Reactors” 12-16 November 2007

Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering 2007-2008

 Number of students 2007-2008:  17

  Language:  Romanian

Details of Master course 2007-2008


Available research domain:
– Reactor Waste Management
– Thermal Hydraulics
– Nuclear Safety